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Our History

Established in 2010 to meet the testing requirements of the marine and subsea sectors.

Since its inception Axis Test Laboratories has grown so that it can now offer environmental testing to a wide range of industries including Industrial, Rail, Military, Aerospace as well as Packaging and Transportation testing. With over 25 years of combined testing exerience to draw upon, our staff are able to quickly assess any failures and offer insight and guidance to aid in finding a practical, cost effective solution.


Our unique business model enables customers to send their equipment from anywhere in the world to our laboratory for environmental testing. Customers that prefer to visit us to witness the testing firsthand are always made welcome.

Here at Axis Test Laboratories we are committed to continuous improvement, innovation and quality, ensuring that we provide the best possible service to our clients. We maintain a policy of frequent and concise communication which allows customers to accurately plan timescales, staying in control of their projects throughout the entire testing process.

Experienced in meeting the testing needs across a wide range of industries including Marine, Offshore, Defence, Subsea, Automotive, Railway and Industrial control. Axis Test Laboratories can deliver the tailored testing services that our clients require in order to achieve certification and product approvals.

We Use our Knowledge and experience to guide you through testing and help you to resolve any issues.

• Highly experienced team.
• Regular Updates throughout testing
• Guarantee of quality: Axis test laboratories are a ISO17025 UKAS accredited facility.
• Rapid Report Delivery: Full Test Reports within 10 days or less of completion of testing.
• Flexible scheduling for urgent testing

Axis Test Laboratories has developed a comprehensive network of test facilities that enable us to offer a wide range of related testing.

Our Work

Packaging and Transportation testing, Drop Testing


Find out more about the range of Packaging and Transport testing we can offer.

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Vibration and Shock Testing

Vibration Testing

Discover how Vibration and Shock testing can help determine product durability and reliability

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High and Low Temperature Testing, Humidity Testing

Climatic Testing

High and Low temperatures as well as Humidity can have adverse effects on equipment. Testing ensures that your products perform as they should.

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Corrosive atmospheres / salt spray testing

Corrosive Atmospheres

Ensure coatings and materials are suitable for the harsh environments where they are to be installed.

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