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Climatic Testing at Axis Test Laboratories

Climatic testing is useful in various industries to examine the effects that extremities of environmental conditions have on the functionality and reliability of products. Climate can affect the structural integrity of materials, can contribute to unexpected problems with electronics and interfere with safety critical sensors. High heat, low temperatures, high humidity and rapidly changing conditions can all have a negative effect on the effective operation of machinery and systems.

Why Test?
The effects of weather and environment cannot be ignored during the product development. Harsh environments such as the Tropics, inside the engine room of ships, deserts and the arctic require equipment to be able to withstand the extremes of temperature and humidity. Failure to ensure that installed equipment is fit-for-purpose will likely lead to problems in the field, where the cost of replacement could be astronomical and the loss in revenue from downtime could higher. This is why extensive climatic testing is essential for the development of reliable products that can meet the demands of harsh environments with confidence, providing safe dependable performance for the duration of its intended life cycle.

Types of Test Offered
Performed to the highest of good engineering practices and by the methods outlined in BS EN 60068. Testing is carried out with accreditation from UKAS ensuring confidence in the robustness of the practices, precision of the equipment and accuracy of reporting.

Dry Heat
A test which is done at high temperature with low relative humidity, ideal for simulation of hot, dry conditions such as engine rooms and deserts.

Low temperature, with no humidity control. Simulates the effects of freezing conditions and general areas of low temperature such as what may be experienced in the Arctic and Siberia.

A test which is conducted at various temperatures with the relative humidity controlled between 5% and 98%. This test can detect problems caused by damp atmospheres. Changing humidity and temperature can cause condensation to form in areas of the product which may inhibit correct operation.

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