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Corrosive Atmospheres - Salt Spray Testing at Axis Test Laboratories

What is Corrosion Testing?

Corrosion testing involves creating a damp, warm, high concentration salt atmosphere in which a product can be placed to observe how the item under test is affected and how resistant the materials are to the corrosive effects of the chemicals which occur naturally in regular outside conditions.

Why Corrosion Testing is Important?

The effects of a corrosive atmospheres can adversely affect the performance of products. If not sufficiently protected, an installation can be rendered useless from the oxidation of surfaces, reducing the effectiveness of moving parts, allowing access to live components, making performance intermittent or even causing complete failure of operation.

Even if steps are taken to protect surfaces, such as the use of paints or varnishes, it is often important to observe how effective these measures are. The slightest gap in the protective surface can allow the corrosive mist to penetrate and destroy the material from under the protective coating.

What Products Should be tested?

There is a legal requirement for corrosion testing on certain product depending on which standards are relevant. However it makes good business sense for any product that is likely to be placed outside exposed to the effects of the weather be subjected to corrosion testing. Particularly for any product which may be placed near the shore, as the effects of a lifetime of sea spray on components and materials can cause extensive corrosion on metal surfaces.
Corrosion Testing, as performed at Axis Test Laboratories is an efficient way to ensure the effectiveness of protective coatings and to identify any areas that may cause issues over the lifetime of a product.

What Services Can Axis Test Laboratories Offer?
Axis Test Laboratories can offer tailored testing strategies to give a broad analysis of how a product is affected by exposure to corrosive atmospheres. Multiple exposure periods are offered, ranging from several days to multiple weeks depending on the requirements of the end user. Extensive daily photography is utilised to ensure that maximum understanding of the corrosion propagation can be ascertained. This combined with coating adhesion tests to assess the effectiveness of protective coatings ensure that manufacturers can be completely certain that their products are protected from even the harshest of sea sprays.

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